Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go Hard or Go Home

Rihanna has really "transformed" into a style icon over the past year. Despite her publicized love quarrel with then beau Chris Brown, Rihanna hadn't mad a name for herself. She was simply Jay Z's new artist, or Chris Browns girlfriend, she was never her own person...until now.

The songstress has advanced in her music career as a pop princess overnight with the release of her new album Rated R and has showed us another side we've never seen before. From her provocative tracks (Rude Boy) to her revealing yet fashionable outfits shes not the same Ri Ri we knew before. Before, Rihanna was a simple, down to Earth "Pink" sweat suit wearing girl. However, post Brown you might catch the songstress prancing around town in all the shoes that Giuseppe made. Perhaps she took the concept of Good Girl Gone bad too far. I never considered Rihanna as a style source but she has this ability to transform through many looks: glam, rock, chic, grunge, hobo, and she looks good in almost every last one of them. Which brings us to the cover of W magazine, in this Febuary issue Rihanna brings us to the place she was in last year and how she coped with it all...

Once a good girls gone bad shes gone forever : )

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