Monday, November 30, 2009

Lyrically Inclined

Considering Monday is Music Monday I decided to share a song I am currently in LOVE with. Most of you probably have heard it already, but for those of you who havent here it goes:

Hold On (remix extended version) - Dwele feat. Kanye West & Consequence

Friday, November 20, 2009

Purple Fever

I usually dont do this but "its a celebration biatches" : p Come out and party with me and my favorite asian for her bday November 27th @ Cibos. Hit me on the email if you need more info...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"You like what you see? You wanna video me?"

I am not sure who the stylist was for this one (im checking now, but will have to get back to you later) but I think they did a good job, they made Lady Gaga appear much more normal than she usually does and also transformed our lovely B into the "I don't give a fuck" Sash Fierce we have all grown to love... : p (Thanks Hype Williams)

Also Im not sure if anyone else feels the same way I do, but doesn't the intro to the video seem Rihanna-ish? Im just saying. Other than that I will talk to you guys and gals later I have some booty poppin moves to practice lol

Now check out the video below...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

En Vogue

Call me crazy but Jay Z is such the promoter of all things fashion. With that being said I wanted to point out what I think is an ode to fashion by means of Instyle Magazine and Fashion Editor in Chief of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour:

"caught up in the in crowd,
now your in-style,
and in the winter gets cold en vogue with your skin out,
the city of sin is a pity on a whim..." (Empire State of Mind Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys; BP#3)

Of course the lyrics are written out "and in the winter..." but I sort of associate that sly rhyme with Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour (duhhhh)