Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I fell in love in Februaury ♥

No, not the real kind oh God NO!! I don't have the energy for that but it is my love for sneakers of which I am discussing. Usually, I would play around with other sneakers, I would use them for the gym and @ my leisure. I never sought after a pair of sneakers or even cared what my sneakers looked like. Most of my sneakers were used and abused but now I think I found the sneaker that made me change my ways.
" I sent a text out to all the shoes I used to see saying I choose a cute kick with whom I wanna be : ) " JS Wings Sneakers

The sneaks that won my heart are from the Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals by Originals for the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, priced @ a mere $180 My Love Dont Cost a Thing!

Originals by Originals is the collaboration between Adidas Originals and three of the world’s most unique and creative streetwear and fashion designers – Jeremy Scott, Alyasha and Kazuki. Jeremy Scott’s collection was “inspired by contradictory combinations, the line offers sportswear with leopard prints such as the Boxing shoe within footwear next to nightlife looks such as the Tuxedo Jacket in sporty cotton.”

Spring/Summer Collection 2010

For his Spring Summer collection Jeremy Scott reminds us why the JS Wing (now in two new colors a rainbow reflective synthetic upper and a white patent version with golden highlights) was ever a hit and re-interprets some of the most beloved Adidas products as well as completely new designs. Inspired by rockstars, highlight pieces come with lots of rhinestones, fringes and prints.

Kudos J.S. I ♥

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