Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Louis bags, Balenciagas the ones talked about by the Fashion Bloggers"

Fabolous ft. Jay Z "When the Money Goes"

"The best way to see a person is not look at them" Jay Z, "When the money goes"

This video would not have gained entry into this blog had it not been for the credit it offered to the fashion industry and the intriguing collections of the upcoming Fall 2009 season. As I browsed through my September issue of Elle Mag, I ran across a few wishlist items. Pictured left is an image from the Fall 2009 RTW colelction from Balenciaga. To die for are the suede sash booties the model is wearing. Priced at $2,175, these shoes can turn heads however, if you want the commitment to fashion at a bargain, I advise you to check out two options. ( and Both sites have similiar booties at half the price in similar styles, with varied textures and details (grommets, studs, leather, ribbons, suede, fringe, and hardware)

now, back to the music...
Of all the track listings on the album I am really in tune with I Miss My Love, Pachanga, Throw It In the Bag, and Lullaby. What are yours? : )
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